Hello, my name is

Anita Schjøll Brede

startups // storytelling // artificial intelligence // blockchain

CEO at Iris.ai and Project Aiur// Faculty at SingularityU Nordic

I got a little busy with Iris.ai and Project Aiur and our attempts at opening up and decentralizing the world of science. The information below is accurate but dated.
These days, this is what I do.

I do things I don't know how to do.

I am CEO & Co-Founder of Iris AI and Project Aiur, an Artificial Intelligence that will read all of the world's science and help us connect the dots.

In 2015 I attended the amazing Singularity University

I am a Board Member of the Ulstein Group, a 100 years old marine company

My alter ego is an Australian superhero called Gnostika!

Some other things I've done include:

Going from a theatre student to

Customer Relations Manager

in a Silicon Valley startup

in 6 weeks

Building a race car

And winning the world's largest Student Engineering Competition!
(Without actually being an engineer)

Teaching solar light entrepreneurship in Kenya

Getting 30 (mainly) middle-aged male petroleum engineers to dance to ABBA's Mamma Mia in front of 250 of their colleagues - and love it!

Reducing energy consumption in the process energy by optimizing heat exchanger networks


Tried (and obviously failed) disrupting the recruitment industry

Working as a professional storyteller

Creating a play that made it to Festspillene i Bergen

I also may or may not have gone to too many universities

I believe we can all make a positive impact on the world


Causes I care about
Gender equality equality regardless of of sexuality equality regardless of physical and mental abilities alternative business models as a vessel of development HIV/Aids combination of 3D printers and open source design worthy lives for disabled individuals anti-elitism in education and student opportunities


Subjects I talk about
technology of the future positively impacting a billion people the future innovation entrepreneurship getting shit done how the world looks like in 2040 thinking big you are being disrupted the death of the oil industry