startup life

On compete radio silence

Running a startup. Want to blog about it. There is no time. I will be back. In the mean time, meet our baby: Iris AI  

On the freedom of managing your own time

“You really should come to Glasgow now. I’m leaving soon.” My little sister had lived there for a year and I still hadn’t taken the time to visit. My life has been a little crazy since we started Iris AI […]

8 days a week

Things are a little crazy. I wish there were more hours in the day and more days to a week. I want to write more but there is no time. I can’t have all I want though. One thing at […]

10 tips to succeeding as a tech entrepreneur – without a tech background

Until 2009, my level of tech savvy was that I was pretty proud that I figured how to summarize cells in excel. I was a theatre student, well versed in local stages and old screenwriters, and I have been quoted […]

Crunch time (again)

I sat down to write a blog post called Crunch time. WordPress alerted me to the fact that I had already written a blog post with that title by giving this one the slug crunch-time-2. Life of a serial entrepreneur I […]

This is where it all starts

We’re really doing this. Starting the company. For real – for real. One thing is the vision we had this summer at Singularity. When the world was our oyster, when we had paid-for catered meals three times a day, brilliant people […]

The Yellow Brick Road…

Every now and then I am hit with a feeling that life should soon be calming down a little. That it’s been intense for a while, with lots of changes and lots of things to do and that soon, very […]

On the Imposter Syndrome

So Singularity GSP has the lowest admission rate of any other school. There were many thousand direct applicants and they admitted 40 of us. I must have done something right. Yet, surrounded by my incredibly smart and accomplished classmates…. I feel […]

On preparing for the unknown and being true to myself

Being accepted into Singularity, I sought out the experience of those who has done this before. A close friend as well as a new friend both offered their time and advice, and I definitely know a lot more about what […]

So this what I want – Part 3

As I was writing about my admission to Singularity I read two posts I wrote back in 2013 (here and here), where I tried figuring out what I really wanted to do with my life. It’s time for Part 3. … I […]