I sat down to write a blog post called Crunch time. WordPress alerted me to the fact that I had already written a blog post with that title by giving this one the slug crunch-time-2. Life of a serial entrepreneur I guess? I had to read the previous one of course, correctly titled Crunch time too, from april 2014 – 18 months ago.

And, surprise surprise – guess who feels exactly like she did then, now? New startup, new team mates, but the same mix of excitement and worry and impatience and happiness.

This time we’re in Madrid – not quite as hot as San Diego. It doesn’t matter, I have so far only seen the outdoors as we stroll between the place we crash and the place we crunch after our 13+ hour work days. (continuing just for a bit on personal business, like blogging about the experience, when I get back home)

We’re taking huge leaps forward every hour or two, big decisions being thrown around and quickly made. Defining features, designing customer co-creation programs, deciding equity distribution, clarifying roles, shaping one-liners, making strategic connections, planning events, writing tech specs, reaching out to funding opportunities… The list goes on. And we’re on day 3.

Life is good.

I have little money and no income, no plans for my life beyond the next two weeks, no idea how we’ll pull this off, no clue what the future brings and what we’re doing has never been done before and it’s a huge task with seriously challenging complications.

What I do have is enthusiasm, an amazing team, a decently functioning brain with some solid experience and a child-like faith that we can achieve anything we want.

Life is really good!



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