I’m not a Monday morning person.

Especially Monday mornings after a weekend of 5am parties and surfing.

Though when you start the week with Brad Templeton giving insider information about the development of Robocars and the amazing opportunities and positive societal effects that autonomous vehicles will bring – it’s pretty easy to get excited! The following lecture on Bitcoin was no less interesting.

We then did a deeper dive into Future Studies with Paul Saffo, talking about the bigger picture of societal issues and pace layering and how to make sense of the world around you.

The afternoon was spent with Tom Chi, the guy who prototyped the first version of Google Glass, at Google[X], in one afternoon. He taught us some badass prototyping skills and was in general awesome. Probably one of the best talks of the program.

In the evening we had a fireside chat with the eccentric, inspiring and fascinating Aubrey de Grey, talking about his work with Sens and solving the disease of aging. I saw his TED talk about a year ago and it blew my mind – meeting him in person was great. Would you want to live to 1000 years if you could, and will you believe him when he says you just might? (I would – and I think I do!)

We ended the day with an ideation workshop around health and several late night discussions and I finally made it to bed at 4am.

I’m not a Monday morning persons, but I like Monday mornings when they’re like this!

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