Being accepted into Singularity, I sought out the experience of those who has done this before. A close friend as well as a new friend both offered their time and advice, and I definitely know a lot more about what to expect now. Both of them referred to the program as “life changing” and something that will “completely change the way I view the world”.

How do you prepare for something like that? Even if I know the practicalities of the schedule and the setup, the notion of this changing my life is such a big statement, and I really don’t know how to prepare for that, other than meeting up on Saturday with an open heart and an open mind and taking in the experience one day at a time.

Another advice I got was to remember to be true to myself. Being in a top-level, highly competitive environment along with some of the smartest people in the world can make anyone want to put on an extra-shiny face. Now, I got to face this already, in the videos we were asked to prepare for the Global Grand Challenges portion of the education – specifically how it relates to our home country.

Now, being a Norwegian, the only challenge I could really talk to was Energy and Environment – specifically concerning Norway’s oil industry. This is obviously not my field of expertise. Part of me wanted to excel, wanted to be best – but the thing is, I can’t fake a degree in petroleum engineering over night. So I took what I knew, ran with it, and posted the video. Nothing more, nothing less. This is me – I’m not an expert but I care about what I do and the world we live in. I can’t do much more, and I need to leave my pretensions aside and just be me, and true to myself – and hope that’s enough.

Also, I should probably trust that the extensive application process of Singularity, including a lot of smart people on the other side of the table, is doing its job well. I probably fit in, even without area expertise in petroleum engineering in spite of being Norwegian. (High expectations of oneself, anyone?)

Trust the process, be true to myself and prepare for having my world view changed.

Hold on tight, right?

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