“You really should come to Glasgow now. I’m leaving soon.”

My little sister had lived there for a year and I still hadn’t taken the time to visit. My life has been a little crazy since we started Iris AI and there really has been very little wiggle room. But with the threat of being “the other one that never visited” (looking sternly at our brother) I got my act together, scouted for tickets and managed to squeeze in two days where I could make a hit-n-run of Glasgow, at a startup friendly price. It ended up being Wednesday through Friday, leaving two days after having arrived back home from my 3-week trip to the US. Why not, right?

Now, the consequence of taking a couple of days semi-off? (Morning meetings are still sacred!) My to-do list on myself isn’t getting any shorter.

So here I am. It’s midnight on a Saturday night. I’m at home, working.

In fact, I’m getting a lot done. A lot more than usual. No one is pinging me on slack, messaging me on Facebook, emailing me, calling me. My music is blasting but everything else is quiet. And I’m getting shit done.

As odd as it may seem, this is the freedom I love.

The freedom to catch up on work on a Saturday night at midnight.

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