On compete radio silence

Running a startup. Want to blog about it. There is no time. I will be back. In the mean time, meet our baby: Iris AI  

On the freedom of managing your own time

“You really should come to Glasgow now. I’m leaving soon.” My little sister had lived there for a year and I still hadn’t taken the time to visit. My life has been a little crazy since we started Iris AI […]

On “dannelsesreiser” and the power of changing your perspective

April 9, 2016

It’s a funny business, this leaving the comfort of your own little bubble and venturing out into the world. Traveling to strange worlds, visiting foreign countries and meeting people who are not like you. You just might change your perspective on […]

8 days a week

Things are a little crazy. I wish there were more hours in the day and more days to a week. I want to write more but there is no time. I can’t have all I want though. One thing at […]

10 tips to succeeding as a tech entrepreneur – without a tech background

Until 2009, my level of tech savvy was that I was pretty proud that I figured how to summarize cells in excel. I was a theatre student, well versed in local stages and old screenwriters, and I have been quoted […]

Crunch time (again)

I sat down to write a blog post called Crunch time. WordPress alerted me to the fact that I had already written a blog post with that title by giving this one the slug crunch-time-2. Life of a serial entrepreneur I […]

VIDEO: For my friend Ali

My dear friend Ali Ismail, who runs a hacker space in Baghdad, asked me to say hi and offer any suggestions I might have to the participants of TheWeek – a programming workshop for youth in his home town. Happy […]

VIDEO: Introducing Iris AI

As part of our Singularity project, we were given access to some amazing film maker students and the equipment to make it happen. I am super happy to introduce you to Iris AI!

This is where it all starts

We’re really doing this. Starting the company. For real – for real. One thing is the vision we had this summer at Singularity. When the world was our oyster, when we had paid-for catered meals three times a day, brilliant people […]

The Yellow Brick Road…

Every now and then I am hit with a feeling that life should soon be calming down a little. That it’s been intense for a while, with lots of changes and lots of things to do and that soon, very […]