On the power of helping someone (also, on not dying on mountain tops in thunder storms)

An important theme in my life the last few years, both personally and at work, has been to have the ability to help others. I know that it gives me immense spiritual satisfaction and a feeling of a higher purpose to […]

Just another manic Monday (at Singularity)

I’m not a Monday morning person. Especially Monday mornings after a weekend of 5am parties and surfing. Though when you start the week with Brad Templeton giving insider information about the development of Robocars and the amazing opportunities and positive societal effects […]

On the indistinguishable magic of technology

Whether we are talking about the internet, touch screen phones, self-driving cars, solar panels in space, human lifespan exceeding 150 years, nanobots eating cancer cells or uploading a backup of our brain – including memories and personality – to the […]

Singularity, Week 3: On hosting business meetings in treetops at 2am

Because who said that business has to be all rational and serious? We’re at the end of week three and while the initial rush of jumping down the rabbit hole has settled, the speed with which we’re falling has not […]

Work hard, play hard

Most days at Singularity are 12-15 hours of classes within a crazy wide range of subjects, and at the end of the day it feels like your brain has tried increasing its volume beyond what’s physically possible. Our first week contained […]

Singularity, Week 1. Holy shit, y’all.

So. Wow. I don’t even know where to start. Let’s do a list. This week I have… … gotten to know at least 120 new, amazing and brilliant people. And I don’t mean like a formal introduction and a hi. While I […]

On the Imposter Syndrome

So Singularity GSP has the lowest admission rate of any other school. There were many thousand direct applicants and they admitted 40 of us. I must have done something right. Yet, surrounded by my incredibly smart and accomplished classmates…. I feel […]

It’s on!

WE HAVE STARTED SINGULARITY UNIVERSITY! So here’s some of what we’re gonna learn over the summer:   I have already gotten to meet some incredibly inspiring people. First, SU founder Peter Diamandis:   Second, Nobel Peace Price Laureate Muhammad Yunus: […]

On preparing for the unknown and being true to myself

Being accepted into Singularity, I sought out the experience of those who has done this before. A close friend as well as a new friend both offered their time and advice, and I definitely know a lot more about what […]

So this what I want – Part 3

As I was writing about my admission to Singularity I read two posts I wrote back in 2013 (here and here), where I tried figuring out what I really wanted to do with my life. It’s time for Part 3. … I […]

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