[blockquote author=”- Elton John, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” link=””]When are you gonna come down
When are you going to land… [/blockquote]

Every now and then I am hit with a feeling that life should soon be calming down a little. That it’s been intense for a while, with lots of changes and lots of things to do and that soon, very soon, it’ll all be done with and I can relax for a bit.

When I left my previous company in March of this year, I had that feeling too. Top that off with work having been not so fun for a while and I was very ready for things to cool down. Three full weeks of vacation later I learned that I was accepted for Singularity and that my life was about to change big time. A few weeks of nervous preparations and reading up on suggested literature and I was off for the next wave of intensity and change.

I’ve done some crazy stuff in my life, but Singularity beats most of it. I am still at a loss of words for what I experienced – and that says a lot, considering words is kind of what I do best – but the closest I’ve gotten is that it felt like Inception. A dream within a dream, where what you experience feels like it lasts forever, yet when you emerge into the real world no time passed at all, but even so you are forever changed.

At the opening ceremony I had a nice talk with a visitor who was curious about Singularity. I had very few insights to share with him, being more or less as new to the world as he was. Then, after the closing ceremony, I ran into the same person again. On one hand, it felt like I just saw him – literally like a few hours earlier. At the same time, I truly felt how my whole outlook on life had completely shifted in what was in reality 10 weeks. Inception, big time!

After returning home I more or less turned on the doorstep to go to Miami, to be with some 3000 of my loving and crazy international tribe. This weekend I ran, as I did most of the summer, on just a few hours of sleep, copious amounts of coffee and dancing, singing and tons of great conversations.

The last two days, hanging out by a beach in Florida, I finally had some time to land. I’ve slept more than 11 hours every night. I have thought very few thoughts besides “man, I am so grateful for my life”.

And as I write this, the feeling that life should be calming down soon…. is fading away. Looking at my life the next few months: I am starting a new company. Doing some of my biggest speaking gigs so far. Organizing a 250-person conference and a major innovation competition. Renovating an apartment. Moving to Madrid for a bit. Finally spending some time with my life partner. Visiting my sister as she moves to Glasgow. Getting back into roller derby as we’re counting almost 4 months since my last practice.

I love my life. And as long as I have moments like now – sitting at a roadside café somewhere in middle of nowhere Florida with a cup of coffee, breathing calmly and focusing on just being in the now, sitting in gratitude and acceptance… Life can be as crazy as it wants. I am present for it. I’m staying on this bumpy, winding, ever turning yellow brick road. I’m in it for the ride, not the destination.

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