We’re really doing this. Starting the company. For real – for real.

One thing is the vision we had this summer at Singularity. When the world was our oyster, when we had paid-for catered meals three times a day, brilliant people mentoring us, no other pressing projects and nothing but crunch time to develop our new baby. It was easy to imagine continuing. And we were sincere in our promises to do so.

But a completely different thing is to return to home, realize I haven’t received a salary since March, I have a relationship to tend to and a family that wants to see me, other projects claiming my attention – and with team mates multiple countries, oceans and time zones away… It’s easy to lose faith.

But then we meet. And we talk. And we take those first stumbling steps in the real world.

Our Hangouts are fun. Jacobo has lots of books (“is that your way of pretending to be really smart, mister Suit?”) and kids running around making silly faces and playing with robots in the background. Andrea and Maria are both at noisy cafés with crappy wifi. I can never get Skype to work (really, Microsoft?!). It’s chaotic and wonderful and filled with laughter. And serious business.

We’re doing this. For real. Today we started a new to-do list called “pre-Madrid”. In mid October we travel to – guess where? – for a few weeks of crunch time. We’re in active discussions with a couple of brilliant software engineers that we’d love to have on the team. We’re actively applying for money. One step at a time, and our vision from Singularity will be reality. It’s not going to be easy but it will be worth it.

My hope is that a year or three from now, I will look back on this blog post, and think to myself  “that’s where it all started, and look at where we are now!”


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