Most days at Singularity are 12-15 hours of classes within a crazy wide range of subjects, and at the end of the day it feels like your brain has tried increasing its volume beyond what’s physically possible. Our first week contained 8 of these days in a row, then one short day off after a night of intense partying, then 4 more days in a row.

So having Friday set aside for a class excursion and then Saturday and Sunday entirely off was a very welcome relief. I figured the weekend would be great to catch up on some sleep, write some blog posts and articles, chill out with my class mates and sleep in.

But, 80 entrepreneurs and California at our fingertips. So, no.

Thursday night was the first of our Culture Nights, hosted by “the Americas”. Let’s just say those people do know how to put on a serious party and the early morning bus drive to Monterey was hard on a lot of people. I am grateful that me not drinking also implies no hangovers, yet operating on three hours of sleep is hard anyway…

Now the real adventure starts.

Saturday morning we picked up the rental cars and I loaded mine with one Iraqi, one Ghanese-Briton, one Finn, and one Spanish-Columbian, in addition to yours truly. Plus sleeping bags, warm clothes and unfortunately a few too few sleeping mats. Road trip time!!

IMG_3853After a few hours and a proper American diner experience, which included that awkward moment when our Iraqi realized American tea habits are completely uncivilized, we arrived at the mountain top south of Big Sur. 30+ class mates and a spectacular view.

We danced in the sunset. We held each other in awe as the sun disappeared from the horizon. We had a huge cuddle pile as the night grew darker. We went for midnights walks. We danced under the stars. We had long intense conversations. We laughed. We cried. I ended up falling asleep at 4am in the (thorny and dirty) grass on the hillside, with four people sharing two mats and one sleeping bag.

10644425_10152864318351237_366089490410403525_oWe woke up with the sun after a couple of hours of sleep, and redirected our attention to the next adventure.

Pride in San Francisco is not to be missed, no matter what! Especially just days after the Supreme Court’s Historic Decision – as well as together with people who just might be in for a new cultural experience way beyond american tea habits.


So I drove and my road trip companions slept the 4-hour drive to SF. We arrived dusty but happy. We watched the parade, we sang and we danced and we screamed with random strangers on the street. We laughed with all the naked people and painted our faces and joined in the waves at Dolores Park. Like you do at Pride.

It is now Monday and I am really grateful for the extra hour break we had during lunch so I could have an extended nap.

SU is according to legends an acronym for Sleepless University. Yes indeed. But totally worth every minute of missed sleep!

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